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impersonal lyrics in songs and my confusion on how i made a song with... impersonal lyrics (at least to me)

one of the reasons i love emo music but can't truly get into much else comes down to the fact that other stuff just isn't as personal. music has always been a way for me to express my emotions and experiences above all else, as i am not all that great at talking, and so i listen to what i feel and have been going through. sure, i listen to plenty of jazz and prog/post rock, but that only really comes around for background noise when doing something else like reading. when intently listening, all i can find myself wanting to go for is something that's all about emotion.

hence, all of my songs are deeply personal to me... except for a couple of days ago. i wrote and recorded a quick song, and the lyrics have no relation to any emotions or experiences of mine. they just are kinda something. 

"i can't read fast enough
to discover the truth
of who wrote what
in my mind some cracks

in the library till
there is dew on the sill
i still don't know
who is the damn cause"

poetic, sure, but not anything true. i can't even find a metaphorical meaning i may be able to attach to it. :/

if anyone wants to have a listen, have at it. maybe it'll mean something to you? https://youtu.be/kWcDFzQA4yk

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Jason doesn't know how to paste without formatting.

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I have no idea what you mean.

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in the blog writing interface there is a big red x at the ribbon to remove formatting (ctrl shft v does not work for some reason here)

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Ctrl Shift V works for me

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