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DNI/ Do Not Interact + OTI/ Okay to Interact lists

DO NOT  INTERACT: racists/homophobes/etc, transmeds, terfs, pedophiles/maps, DreamSMP/Jschlat/TommyInnit/any of those people fans/supporters, DDLG, sexual age-regressors, those motherfuckers that act like mental illnesses are "aesthetic" , Z00PHILES.  i hope all z00philes and p3d0philes/maps that choose not to get professional help suffer.

OKAY TO INTERACT: Non sexual-age regressors. I dont have a age preference for people that are only on my friends list, just don't be doing anything creepy. If you want to be actual friends then I'd prefer for you to be 14, 15, 16, or maybe 17 years old since I'm 15. I might make exceptions with certain people though. Also please don't sexualize Christopher.

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