UFO's or nah?

Hot take, what we think to be UFO sightings are actually time machines from us in the future. It just makes more sense to me because we already know that in order to time travel we need to be able to move faster than the speed of light which most of these unidentified object disappear into thin air and I don't find it too unbelievable that humans figure that out someday when you put in perspective how far we have come in history. Also, if these were UFO's what would be stopping them from landing and communicating after all this time since the first documented sightings. We all know from movies that you really screw things up when you make contact in a traveled time. They do not want to be seen or discovered because of that and who knows maybe we already know how to do it because we learned from the material in area 51 from that original crash which was actually a failed time machine and it all has nothing to do with outter space or other beings at all. Just a thought. Lmk what you think.

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His Excellency Lord Byron

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We're a fixed point in time!

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Grace <3 (poop #3)

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ufos are either using hyperspace (if tht's real), teleportation (if possible), or warp drive which bends spacetime.
It's aliens, but where they come from is what we don't know yet.

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Buddy willhoite

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I hope it's true

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"most of these unidentified object disappear into thin air"
I think it's important to remember that we'll have technology that allows us to "disappear into thin air" LONG before we get close to faster-than-light travel so it's possible that these aircrafts are just pretending to move faster than light by "cloaking" themselves. Traveling faster than light would break physics, I think it's more likely that these advanced beings are doing something else. If we show monkeys some holograms they'd probably believe that what they're seeing is real. Something like this could be happening and we're the monkeys :D

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Very interesting take!

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