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I seriously wouldn't be asking if there was any other way

As many of you have read recently I've been going through a shitstorm with depression, and my mother's abuse. She even stole money from me. 

I made the difficult decision after a therapy session to cut ties, call the phone company and say to block the number for good. But this leaves an issue. I have £6 in my bank account, a car off the road and no way to get to a job if I could even get one. 

My contact on my flat runs out in June and my student finance won't come in until April. As I said, there really is no other option and I completely get it, but if you can't give could you share? 

It's starting a life new with nothing. I will appreciate anything given to me at all. Thank you so much for reading. Here's my links. 

PayPal Gofundme -Has a story on it too. 

Thank you. 


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sorry to hear that too, but i am out of work myself, but thinking about you and prayin

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Lady Circe

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Sorry to hear that, Matt. Barely have any dollar with me, though, but I do wish you the best-est! \o/

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