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People's obsession with labels.

I see people all the time just clinging to labels and groups so they can feel a sense of identity. I feel the goal should be to break away from labels/generalization and choosing your own identity. I think its generally better to be able to explain yourself briefly but in detail. I do understanding the convenience of being able to say your emo, scene, goth, alt, etc. This also extends to gender, i really like the concept of being non-binary. It does away with the binary ideas of gender and is vague enough to allow one to define themselves within it, instead of just with it. Attaching labels to ourselves and obsessing with a almost hivemind-like group were everyone believes the same things (for the most part) isn't a good option overall. It makes you easier to be exploited by corporations because everyone else in your "group" is similar, and sometimes the parameters of one definition rarely fully fit someones complexity. I am by no means say if if you belong to a group, for example: LGBT, that your wrong. Do what makes you the most comfortable with yourself, i just hope we can ditch these oversimplifying labels and find a better replacement. 

Most of this is loosely connected word vomit, but TLDR: Allowing a label to oversimplify you and your complexity is detrimental.

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labels are just label. I see what you mean in general, but for me personally, I vandalize the meanings of labels such as non-binary, lesbian, etc. Non-binary recognizes that there's a binary, when the binary does not exist. But i still use the label anyways for shits & giggles. I hoard labels and mix em all up like i call myself a gay man lesbian freak. I think labels used in this way is more freeing. I am everything, but I am also nothing. I recommend looking up the user glimmer.pilled and read their document "Gender Vandalism". It's really good.

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(glimmer.pilled on Instagram btw)

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I've noticed that in a lot of queer spaces, especially among younger people, there's a subculture obsessed with carving out hyperspecific labels that stop just short of coming with a checklist. Lily Alexandre has an excellent video on this topic, Millions of Dead Genders: A MOGAI Retrospective, that dives deep into an earlier iteration of the current subculture in a way that provides really good context and criticism without mocking the people involved.

Personally, I think there's a current trend towards a type of linguistic prescriptivism that's become more popular in recent years which is absolutely insistent that language is completely inflexible, and that unless you fit the exact criteria for something (or at least another person's interpretation of what that criteria is) you cannot use certain terms to describe yourself or something else. Being forced out of spaces for not meeting enough, often poorly-defined, criteria is leading to larger numbers of sub-sub-subcultures and is why we get things like "neoindustrial grungepunk" or "academia-scenecore".

I think a really funny version of this is the ridiculous labels Spotify gave a lot of people in their year end wrapped list. Someone I know got the genre "Alt-Weirdcore". What the hell is "Weirdcore" and why is it defined clearly enough that there's an alternative version of it???

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I love how queer folk can say you don't fit the criteria for their little group, but also get mad when someone if ignorant of how being trans work.

Moral of the story: Don't define the identity of others

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Fr like there's no such thing as criteria when it comes to being queer. Be whatever the fuck you want.

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