OC's and Worldbuilding

This is basically day one of a personal project in which I collect all my OC's (Original Characters) I made and try to force them together to gain some sort of story and arc for each of them.

Over the years while worldbuilding I got some characters ideas I was happy with, but never got the chance to put them in a world and give them things to react to.
To avoid going overboard and giving myself, I created two lists: 1 with characters that I will work on first, and 1 with characters that might be hinted to but will not appear in the story yet.

Of course, I'm still an amateur, so this is less a guide and more a place for others to see how it goes. If you have characters that seem cool but don't have a story yet, this might help in some way.

I'll update later if it had any success.

Yes I am basically recreating a DreamSMP style world, if it's fun who cares

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Thank you for sharing your project, it is really cool! If i am allowed i would like to use your "extremely detailed character sheet template"?

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Sure! I got it from here:


I should give credit, I'll fix that rn

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Sounds interesting! If you want to organize everything a little easier while doing this, I suggest using notebook.ai! It's a really useful tool that'll help you out with stuff like this, and can really help with storywriting!

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Thanks, I'll check it out!

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