our broken electoral college system

ok so get this, the electoral college was enacted to protect the smaller voices in America right? well that was the intention however that's not what happened instead larger states often times filled with larger cities (something thats not doing too well here in the u.s. in the first place. cali and new york have the highest homeless rates. i live in the rust belt where we are losing jobs over seas due to our dependence on the health of the auto industry and those are just a few examples.) have far larger say as to the direction we move than smaller states such as connecticut which already has a far smaller population than these larger states. so what's my solution? well it's defiantly not flip who has the higher numbers. as much as it seems like it hurts america that these larger states have more say, all flipping that would do is switch power from the urban areas to the rural areas. having pretty much always lived in towns that are between the 2 (with exception to 2018-early2020 where i lived in the state capital) i already know how disastrous this would be. so if thats not my solution what is? simple, before every election we randomize how many electorals each state gets. and not with a computer randomizer either, no we gotta do this in a way that can't be cheated. we all will be watching the news to know this stuff anyways right? people will obviously be there viewing in person to be sure no funny business is happening. so i propose we use the old fashioned types of randomizers. those seen in auctions and bingo halls. thats right, balls with states and numbers written on them in a barrel or sphere spun by crank till a ball comes out, the most random and secure way of doing this. how does this solve the issue? simple, since states now have a random electoral number any state could be the larger voice be it a small or large one and strategies of politicians will have to change from trying to win over texas and california to trying to win a state that may have politics they arent familiar with. also, since everything is completely random this means that urban and rural areas have equal say or at least as equal as possible. this is just an idea though, and given we now have a banana republic i don't think it much matters whos voice is bigger as elections are now decided by who the establishment wants in office not who the people want. in fact it's very possible we've had a banana republic forĀ  long time. i'm not sure how much more in detail i can go into that though so i won't.

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