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In dreams
you can't
avoid me.

I can have a conversation
without skipping
right to the ending.

Where you look at me
with those stupid
spheres of
moon dust.

Most of my shit sits here,
still collecting dust.

I could care less.

Because inside,
I know
I don't belong here.

My existence has this gravitational pull
about it. 

Connecting your fingertips
to my face
for just a moment.

They rest there,
until you rip off
parts of my cheek,
you're finally free.

Blood can be washed off
easily in the sink.

I've finally received
that expensive
abrasion therapy
I've been wanting. 

At no tangible cost!

Free from all this

That has bled out insecurity,
has been pinched,
pulling at red bumps
of nerves and anxiety.

No going back now.
Your hands are already rinsing.

I start to feel sick,
eating my fingers,
eyes fixed on the clock.
Face dripping.
It's only a matter of time.

Soon I'll leave this place.
your mannequin person.

You lay down flat on the bed,
a now clean hand pressed against your forehead.
I curl up beside your hollow body anyway.

Like a motherless child,
I do this
to keep sane,
to stay well.

is so contemporary.
Are you well because you aced
a hierarchy of needs?

are you "well"
because you've finally
stopped complaining?

Or does it all
have to wrap up
in pretty packaging?

I close my eyes seemingly. 
Pretend to dream a different dream entirely.

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This absolutely fucks Kathleen you got WORDS

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Thank you!

by Kathleen; ; Report

I can't wait until you post some more stuff!!!!

by Kathleen; ; Report

✿blush puppy

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"forgetting your mannequin person" 🙌🏻

Kathleen this is GOOD. like GOOD good. I feel this in my fucking bones, the atmosphere was exactly like this in the last relationship I had 💔

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ughhhhh thank you...coming from you that means the world. I know i fangirl too much with you, but it's only because you make it look so effortless .

by Kathleen; ; Report