Comfort food

Never thought that I would say this but... I think during Uni (before COVID appeared) I accidentally created a meal that I now consider comfort food.
After I did my chores it was pretty late and had not eaten anything since I woke up at 10 am so I decided to cook some frozen veggies for old times sake. While they were defrosting in the oven I wanted to try to switch it up a bit so I chopped up four garlic cloves, some ginger (the size of a garlic clove) and let it fry on the pan while adding a bit too much cayenne pepper. To tone the spice down I made some cheesy sauce with basil and thyme (didn't add much spice to the sauce like I usually do). After adding chopped spring onions I mixed it all together like a damn toddler and took the first bite. 
After feeling the familiar burn of pepper on my tongue with the nice cheesiness I felt oddly comforted, like seeing an old friend or getting a hug from my mom. It just felt...right. I even forgot that I'm a complete failure of a person right now! Considering the fact that I'm not the most confident ''chef'', it felt like an accomplishment to create something this tasty and healthy (if you can ignore the cheese sauce lol). 

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