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Kylo Ren in Cargo Shorts (Poem)

Kylo Ren gave a poetry workshop
his jawline did most of the talking
he told us about love, the ever present
force in the universe that binds us together
and his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay,
which sounds like “lagoon” if you write it
as many times as he did on innocent
pieces of paper who never asked for this

I tried to keep up with his narrative instruction
but somewhere between being a being of love
in the universe and becoming the universe
made of love, I got a bit lost
I waited, fingers poised over the keyboard,
for some kind of writing assignment,
but he gave none,
there was too much love in his heart to
stop talking

the only thing I could agree to was that listening
to him definitely made me sympathize with those
who blow up planets

-Star LaBranche

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