Stay Puft (Poem)

AN: I had a nightmare shortly before my wedding. It somehow morphed into this poem. The good news is that I didn't destroy any cities before, during, or after the nuptials.  

Stay Puft

I’m the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at my wedding
everyone compliments my bridal glow
but that glow is evil and I am from another dimension

my fiancé suggests I stop summoning terror dogs
while he’s trying to read his handwritten vows
but this ceremony is boring and I crave blood

at dinner I eat both of our meals, without apology
when my husband remarks I’ve taken on a green hue
I laugh and tell him not to worry, it’s just my unbridled hatred

I dance alone at my wedding, because, of course I do
I twirl and twirl until none of the guests remain
my husband suggests I should lie down after all that spinning

but I have thank you cards to write 
and a city to destroy

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