my school rumors

TW:shooting school

there was supposed to be a shooting at my school yesterday,didn't happened so now there are  rumors saying it'd gonna happen today or on Monday since A LOT of kids went home because of it.

They found guns in students backpacks but no one knew who it belonged to(probably was brand new to through police off) the bags were behind a trash can,guns were fully loaded.

Shit was scary,even i was scared i practice hiding in a locker(which i can now fit into) in case it happened, hopefully

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That’s crazy, especially because where I’m from guns aren’t legal at all! But if you’re really worried please stay home, and if you’re forced to go in just pretend to go and leave, try chill somewhere more relaxing like a coffee shop or caffe. I bet it makes you so anxious. Please keep us update, lots of love

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yes thank you^^but thankfully it never happended they found who the guys were but the disrict never told us but it was in my dad's newspaper,thank you for the concerns and they did let us stay home cuz they didnt want the risks^^

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