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I've been pretty absent for a while. Things haven't been bad, I've just been focused on some  things I needed to do on the meat net. This is just a stream of consciousness sort of journal sort of thing, feel free to skip over it!

People have been re-appearing in my life a lot lately. I'm always really happy to hear from old friends. There's always a reason we stopped talking, though, and it seems like more often than not that reason comes back up pretty quickly. Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's them, usually it's both.

Dating has been a WILD ride. It's crazy how different it is in different parts of the country and at different ages. I've only been using apps so far since I'm not really that serious about it. So far everyone seems either very.....normal.....or very.....not normal.....and not in the ways I'm interested in. I've met some really cool people outside of that though. I seem to have a pretty clear idea of what I'm looking for at least, so I'm not too worried about it.

I've started working on a game again. An old friend showed up and wanted to try it together so we're giving it a shot. I'll probably post some updates on it eventually, depending on how motivated we stay.

I haven't made any new stickers for a while, or done much with the minecraft server or discord. No new videos either. The community has been pretty quiet, but that's to be expected when I'm not really putting any content out. I'm okay with it, I'll pick things up again as I feel like it. I guess the nice thing about not making any money at this stuff is that there's no pressure to keep doing it when I need a break, lol. I did make some art recently. It's still a good outlet when I need it.

There are a lot of people I met on spacehey that I haven't spoken to in a while. I miss all of you! If you're one of them, don't hesitate to reach out no matter how long it's been. Friends for years ago are still friends.

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.✯ Keaton ☆゚

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the audio player wont work, i even tried it on my profile and it still didn't work. :(

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wait, nvm. i figured it out, the volume was somehow hidden and i found the spot to turn it up. problem solved! :)

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any plans for the spacehey minecraft server?

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I plan on keeping it up for at least the rest of the year. People still play on it but it's pretty quiet. I plan on keeping it running and making whatever changes the community suggests whenever they're active.

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