TW: animal death

There were 3 kittens living under my house, they've been there for a few weeks now. My father and some neighbours have been feeding the strays so they began breeding and had three kittens. Well, one of them died today. My neighbours showed me the corpse on the yard. 

I've put them some food and cold water to keep the other two as healthy as possible until my mother finally comes around to adopting them because I keep asking around if anybody can at least foster them and everybody says they wish they could. I don't want any of them dying and now I'm blaming myself and my mother for the one kitten's death. 

Let's just hope I manage to take them in. My brother isn't alergic anymore and I'm willing to do literally anything to keep the two remaining alive and give them a good life.

Apart from that, I'm also currently trying to find names for them. One is black and white, really playful but a bit fearful as well. I named that one Alucard. The other one is completely white apart from the ears and tail which are orange. I was thinking of naming it Nosferatu to keep the vampire theme, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions perhaps?

(I don't know the genders by the way)


The baby has officially been named Nosferatu (/bagel/world destroyer/cheese). He's a boy and is currently living his best life with my ancient Greek teacher, her mathematician husband and their other two cats.

We're gonna take Alucard in once we finally manage to catch him. He trusts us enough not to run away from us, but he hasn't let us touch him or go too close. My mother is okay with taking him into the house though, which is good news.

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