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First Blog: Get to know me

So this is a blog to get to know me and it is going to be a long blog. So I am sorry. 

Personal/Basic Information first. 
Name: Stephen Lee Bennett.
Nickname: Stevie or Ste.
Location: North East Derbyshire, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 
Sexuality: Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈 
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 8th January 1990.
Relationship: Single.
Religion: Celtic Pagan.
Education: Level 4 Health and Social Care.
Work Career: Unemployed. 

Mental Health and Learning Difficulties that are diagnosed even if one is confusing and still being looked into, to be fully diagnosed.
Depression/ Anxiety 
Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (Borderline Personality Disorder)
Anger Problems
A Mild Learning Difficulties (Confused and still being looked into as they might believe it is a mild form of Autism or ADHD, or a mild case of both together).

Which often leads to me being annoyed at myself or annoying others because I get distracted easily, I often dissociate, I often only give short answers, I often stop responding to others cause I feel uncomfortable. I hate physical affection that is unseen. I have certain triggers that freak me out like loud noises and unexpected movements. I cannot tell if am pissing someone off or get if they are flirting with me. 
I always have music on cause it help me to think clearly cause without music my mind runs like a cheetah on speed and monster. 

My fashion statement is combined and has been worked on over more that 17 years to get the right look I feel confident in and is a mix of music and what I love to do which is cosplay and messing around with makeup.

So, my music taste ranges from 1940's to modern day with loves and dislikes of certain sub-genres of music and bands even artists. It's completely fine to have dislikes of things others have like or love for. It doesn't make anyone less able to compatible with anyone else. 

See there is too many bands I love, too many artists I love to list.
But my dislikes of sub-genres and bands even artists aren't. However, I will list or name just a few.
Some Nu-Metal Bands like Slipknot, Korn etc cause in my opinion they are way to mainstream and not an acquired taste for me anymore.
to sub-genres like Scene, Emo, Deathcore, Grimdcore, pop punk etc.
but that as I stated that completely fine to dislike these things, it's human nature and not a social constructed thing. 

I do also game but haven't really games for years. As I am still a oldie when it comes to consoles and games and I really don't like games like Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. I prefer trading card games (minus Pokemon) and board games. However, I will looking into and saving up to get my gaming stuff back and get back into gaming. 

I do have interest that run from very boring to taboo. However, I really like them and often get lost into researching or reading so deep into them.
Science and Universe.
Psychology and philosophy.
true and unsolved crimes.
Human Anatomy/Human Autopsies.
and many other things. 

As a late comer to Social Media. It isn't about the numbers of Followers, Subscribers or anything that I may get. It's more about expressing myself the way I want and doing the things that I love to do. Also, it's also about making others who view or watch my content giggle, smile or just have a few moments to help them get through there day or there struggles. 

So the whole Social Media stuff I go by...

😈 Dark Amethyst 😈

TikToker: Content Creator:

Comedy: Cosplayer:

Anime & Manga: Alternative: 

Some sort of a Gamer:

Live Life Loud.

Like I said is am a late comer to social media and the whole number game isn't important to me, what important is the whole expressive and doing what I really enjoy. Social Media links will be added or given out in the near future.

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Goblin Teatime

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Nice to meet you! I get what it's like to be a social media later comer! I hope you have fun with it!

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Yeah! I am having fun with it!
As I stated in this blog is more about the expressive and doing what I love to do!
and I find it a bit more easier to express myself via doing the videos on TikTok, and speaking to a camera rather than others face to face.

by Stevie Amethyst; ; Report