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I hate school bus rides

what can i say man, the bus rides are just so awful and unbearable. Its the rain, I am not a rain hater but I only like rain when I am at home, and its all so cozy and shit. But in the bus its a whole other story, the bus is actually broken and the school doesn't care. The window got leaks everywhere and the seats soak up in water and the bus is like packed, packed all the time. Its all so uncomfortable. And none of my friends take the bus, they all usually walk or their parents just pick them up so the ride to home is just all lonely and melancholic. AND, the ride is almost an hour but one could argue why don't you read or book or something?? I mean I used to do that when the weather was normal and it was fine. But now? Its all wet in the bus and You cant even sit because its all water, leaking from all sorts of holes from the windows and what happens when you stand? you get yelled at by the conductor for standing and blocking the people that are trying to get off, I mean that is fair so you cant really do anything about it and you just sit in the wet seats and get your clothes damp and moldy. I don't know, I really hate these bus rides, of course, there are more pressing problems than a stupid little bus ride. AND THE KIDS. the kids in the bus, they're just the worst. I don't mean middle schoolers or something, I'm talking about kindergarteners. they don't seem to care about water and shit you know? they just play with their little friends and I'm there sitting with them like a dead person. I'm too tired to play games with them and they think I genuinely hate them, no I don't, I wish I could but I just wish I could just go home and get my work done and sleep. sleep, funny how I hated the concept of 'sleep' when I was young and I wanted to stay all night playing and all but now it feels like icecream. I'm not really good at analogies. its like sleep is a privilege now, sorts of. Oh to be well rested. 

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