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MAY 30 BLOG: scene muzic!!!! o_o

......is interesting. now listen, i like metal. i LOVE metal. im all about that heavy stuf!!! but idk. sum if this is catchy but its just guys screaming about hot girls and "getting crunk* with a shitty club type beat. WELL i guess its perfect for raves n stuff lol but maybe not my thang. i LOVE parry gripp tho!!!!! since i was 8 xD xD yknow wats good??? desktop!! by corner store kingdom :) theres sum other gud stuff 2

anywhoozle i found 20bux & my mcr bracelets in my gym bag (yay)!!! i also made my buddy liv a matching friendship bracelet :-D i have a blue n black one that says blu & she has a red n black one that says red. guess why!!!




if you guessed tf2 teams ur RITE!!!!!!! we both luv tf2 ever since she showed me it a couple weeks ago :))) 

does anypony like peanut m&ms? or pretzel m&ms?? (those r pretty rare tho)) i friggin LUVE peanut m&ms i ate ALL of em at skewl 2day n me n my othr pal tried one with a french fry xD it was BANGIN!!! 

school was nice today, actually. its beautiful out....we have summer uniforms...my hair is lookin fly.... i feel so refreshed!!! not anxious rly :3 very smiley!! im chattin it up with my classmates n im gettin along with everyone!!! except with bitches who stare me down, they suck lol i just smile at em 2 and act all fake back xDDD 

onto cooler thangs...

today i thrrew a sandwhich at a kids table and knocked over his lunch so i bought him lunch again ahahah haha. xD me n my buds table have this rivalry with this other table bout throwing out our tables trash so he put his disgUSSING BARE CHEESE WRAP (just cheese. no meat.) on my table, i tossed it back and. yea. but its kewl we laughed. im all chill yo!!!! 

and my "buddy" who is always a jerk to me was STILL a jerk to me!!!!!!!! nd guess what!!!!!!! screw 'er!!!! i was happy and triumpjhant and nice to her even when she yelled at me and critiscized me for nothin!!! she thinks shes the shit :p not even xD wutevs. "y do u still hang out with her?!?!?!!?" bcuz were friends with all the same peepz n idk weve been buds for a while and shes always been abit sour but especially now! yikes!!! anywhooze.

see ya tamarraw i got fencing practice. wish ya girl luck!!!! l8r :-D

(( i hope this doesnt seem like im tootin my own horn im just trying to be affirming with myself ya know??? )))

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