wassup dawgs how it be how it be me personally im very shiny 2day. NO ONE CAN BRiNG ME DOWN!!!!!! YAHHHH!!!!!!!! -- DOOOOD i literally have exams next friday HAHHAHA im so unprepared xD xxD but hey i got a 97 on my algebra test so my tutor gave me a WHOLE BOX OF FANCYB G2 PENS!!!!!!! I FRIGGIN LOVE PENS!!!!!!! UGH. wow. 

ive been watching emesis blu (tf2 sfm) lately and hoooly sheit dude its scary as FOACK. WHAT DID THEY DO TO SCOUT??? (nospoilersplz) ITS JUST SO EERIE EEEEW i LOVE IT. I MADE ME AND MY FRIEND MATCHING RED N BLU KANDI. hell frigckin yea........... 

and yknow smth??? dalmations are ADORABLE. i would want one but idk its a lotta money...and if im gonna live in an apartment? forget it! a dog needs a backyard!!!!!!!! i know what ill get. a HAMSTER!!!!!! cute n cuddly, likes to hide, poops a lot.....thats my kinda guy. i wouod totally name him beef jerky and when id feed him id say; here beefy beefy!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna be a GREAT hamster owener. trust,.

im becoming more confident these days; it feels AWESOME!!!!! i still got a bit of the jitterbugs but im ok. i really miss my luna. we're planting some luna hibiscus flowers in our front yard in her honor. theyre all white n pink. :) the one thing i cant seem to get over is when i see something white on the floor i always think its her. :( totally bums me out. we got her ashes over the weekend. at least she will always be with me. i remember how sick she was when she was awful. she had this smell and her eye was all swelled and she was very slow........i miss her truly but i bet shes safe now.

ill end this entry with a song.......... "major tom (coming home) by peter schilling" its like a sequel to a space oddity by bowie!!!!!!!1 give it some love. OH AND my ma got this sick new car thats all dark green n sparkleyu in the sun so i named him ziggy after ziggy stardust!!! :D 

i am happy

things are not so bad. it is beautiful outside!!!!!!! and there are good books!!!!!!!!!!!! be joyous!!!!!!! and if you have clinical deopression i am wishing you lots of progress and awesomeness because all progress is good progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF LOVE I LOVE YOU PEOPLE !!!!!!!!! not you evil pedophiles tho get hit  by a train  :-D x

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FELT you on the pens thing LMAO i freakin loveeeeee pens

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