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okay,this is going too far.

i understand hating on me,and not wanting to interact with me,but...making a whole gore account about me,a minor,and having a traumatizing video (ronnie mcnutt) as the loading screen? how fucked up do you have to be for making that? thanks to those people,now i might get nightmares. i hope gore makers can kts/srs

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REPORT LINK FOR THE ACC: https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=2666381

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JIZZL OMFG IM SO SORRY TJATS THE WRONG ONE IF U USED IT IDK WHO IT GOES TO I GOT IT FROM A SERVER BUT ITS WROMG THE CORRECT ONE IS https://spacehey.com/report?type=user&id=2666362 :sob: im so sorry if u told anjyone else if u did plz give them the correct one

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this is so fucking stupid theyre spam making accounts rn i can see sh scars in the see new people section

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the issue is strong

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what happed?? y do they hate you lol

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man ive been here for like 5 minutes wtf is going on

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by JUNO; ; Report

Idkk, ppl just hate him for some reason I dont know?? still dont know why they hate him. He's chill

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I'm sorry that you had to deal with this, like wtf...

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i hope your okayy

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I hate to say this but this person probably wanted you to make this blog about them and might be laughing at it, The best advice is just to ignore but to be fair I haven't been on this site in forever and been on the internet since 2000 so I really don't know what good advice to give out except that SpaceHey needs a shit ton more moderation

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holy shit those people r insane!!! they need 2 be on a list!

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That's so messed up... I hope the account gets taken down

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who even are you guys

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that's what im wondering...

I keep seeing spacehey impersonation beef and stuff; I don't get why there's even impersonation on a platform like this :sob:

by sanyousei; ; Report

nikolai .

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as unfortunate as this is, try 2 keep in mind these people are literally trying 2 harm you. posting about having nightmares and how fucked up these people are will only make them want 2 do it more. and i don't mean this in any negative way at all, i agree, gore spammers are no good, but it's really better to ignore them n not post about how grossed out you are, how much you hate them, etc etc, 'cause that's exactly what they're lookin' 4. they've been doing this since like, august i think. they obviously wouldn't post it if they cared about the people here.

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💉 Richard

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We might not like you, but *how low* does a person have to be to get on that level? That's absolutely screwed up.

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on the topic, i just logged in today and saw 3 new profiles that all have gore pfps, i would suggest not browsing until they are banned

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im so sorry this is happening to you
i've reported the account x

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𝚓𝚊𝚢𝚎𝚍!! ♡

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I'm so sorry about that, this seriously sounds terrible, I hope you're okay 💗

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my advice to you babes is actually ignore them, beat them up, violance is always the answer babes. let me know if u need tips xoxo

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you are my idol from this one comment<3

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gahd, so sorry that happened to you. I dont get why people keep using videos of people committing suicide as a way to shock / scare others, like, just let the deceased rest in peace!! smh.

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☆ miles ☆

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I’m so sorry that happened to you…who tf does that anyway

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imagine using footage of a real suicide as some scare tactic?? what a fucking loser

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