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rotting probably

everything feels like shit. I feel like shit. I'm graduating soon but god, I don't even feel like walking across that damn stage or anything. I don't want to get up from my bed or leave my home, I want to stay inside and shut myself away from life.

I haven't been doing anything with my life after being classified as a graduate, I've been gooning but that doesn't even feel like anything anymore. I've been fully desensitized now but what the hell am i supposed to when I just watch porn as a past time. My only hobies are literally just drawing and listening to music, and I'm too fucking lazy to draw. 

I would rather kill myself but i cant cause what the fuck is that going to do? cause misery for my family, erm no! I'd rather be miserable myself a somehow carve another hole and forget about being miserable.

I have nothing good set out for me in life I think. It's what happens when parents shelter you a bit too much and don't let you experience things.

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