HOOOOHAAAAH whats up chat today i got off from skewl bcuz i had to go to da eye dr >:)) it RULED!!!!!!!! i ddid my test n stuff n they let me pick a priiiize (the rubber duckie drawer. I COLLECT RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!!!) so while da lady wasnt looking i snagged 2 xtra duckies!!!!! #WIN!! bringing my collection to 7 DUCKIES!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAHAHHHH

mah ducksin total

btw that rainbow is 1000% real my room just looks like that.btw. so here in da first photo we have pepsi-cola, the dragon, thomas quackerson, and sadie "ol' faithful" horse-poo, the brown one. i actually had no idea what she was supposed to be but i think its a horse??? the black lines look like reins to me! yes i know the photo is dogshit but dw this isnt the last u will hear of my duckies. :-)) 

HEY HEY search up rubber ducky from sesame street its so awesome i was singing it all while walkin down the streets 2day. a bee-yoo-tiful song. 

and oh my gooness dude i love tohys so much like race cars n plastic animals n shit oh my god i would chew em all up why do teenagers not play with dollhouses you guys are all LOSERS if u say its for babies HAVE FUN VAPING ITS FUN ASFUUUUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and guess what its so nice oute 2day i was in the car soakin in da sunnnnn ma yelled at me hard this morning about my clothes r whatevs just the average tuesday were good now :) haha but it was a fine day!!!! only thing is i left my phone in my locker so i havent seen it for 2 days LMAO and no one noticed XD XD GET SNEAKED  hey sorru guys i know im cringe as fuhk but open youer eyes. being cringe is so friggin fun. EMBRACE your inner child. DO WHAT YOUR 10YR OLD SELF WOULDA DONE!!!!!! SHOW STRANGERS YOUR RUBBER DUCKIE (like moi) DO YUR THANGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!! the future brings so much stress to my front doorstep. local public or all girls private high school? what show to do for my  guitar recital? how will i handle my manipulative friend? why is my house so FREEEZZINGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!???? i dunno. this too shall pass. summer is coming, my new pea plant jerry is growing, he has a caterpillar friend named tangerine, i got a pair of KoRn flip flops, im going to the beach this summer, my birthjdays coming up,, im reading good books, im becoming less of a social reject, people like me (the ones that matter anyway) eeverything will be ok ♡ as long as i get my stooipid algebra grade up. ZOO WEE MAMA. 

SRY. didnt mean to hop on here just to brag. thats just whats up rn. anywho. ima start posting more blogs soon probably. im a real chatterbox yk i dont post too many bulletins but when i do i talk A WHJOOOOLE LOT!!! did i mention my 100 on my enmglish exam last trimester? no? oh yeah...its cool i guesss......siiiigh....

anywhhoodle. peace out FREAKS!!! be weird, be free, be nice to people ^__^ 

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Yeah like tf u m3an u dont hav an army of plushies HAVE FUN SMOKING IG???

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wiser words were never said brother u_u

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