why I'm much more of a reader then a writer now.

writer's block.

I mean when I tell you I used to love writing short stories (My works like TTONAL (for short), redcorner, Rabbit Hole, etc. Just wanted to show off.) And I promised myself one day that I would make a compilation of all of my short stories and publish them, But I've gotten too lazy to even rewrite them.

NOW I write blogs on spacehey because I love talking about Aesthetics, Subcultures, Superpowers (for some reason), And STUFF I JUST WANT TO EXPLAIN. I can write better than this if I wanted to, but a lot of times I just want my blogs to sound like I'm talking directly to someone. 

And I feel bad for not making little self happy, But the whole process is just distressing. 

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all the best writers read more than they write after all, it's what the best poets do.

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