Song survey thingy for funzies

Originally made by GlamCat

1. Name a song that makes you want to drive fast: Decode by Paramore

2. Name a song you like from the 80's: Anything, Anything by Dramarama

3. Name a song that is a cover of another artist: If It Makes You Happy by Michael Cera Palin, originally by Sheryl Crow

4. Name a song with a place in the title: Milwaukee Sky Rocket by Braid

5. Name a song by one of your favorite female singers: Glass Beach by Glass Beach

6. Name the theme song from a TV show you like: Hey Beautiful by The Solids

7. Name a song you listened to non-stop in high school: I'm technically still in high school

8. Name a song you like that begins with the letter C: Colorblind by Movements

9. Name a song that makes you feel less alone: Local Man Ruins Everything by The Wonder Years

10. Name a song that has only one word in the title: Rocks by Ozma

11. Name a song that reminds you of summer: Suicide Sunday by The Friday Night Boys

12. Name a song that has an awesome music video: Carpal Tunnel Of Love by Fall Out Boy

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