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I am 27 now

I turned 27 recently, I had a relatively nice birthday, I went to my favorite place in Chicago to eat--Little Goat Diner, there was even a custom made cake waiting for me on arrival. That's more than what a lot of people can relay about their birthdays when edging near the dreaded 3.0. IMG-2212 I even went to the Monet Art exhibit,  which provoked existential thoughts of course--'What will people remember about me when I'm dead? Certainly not 100s of paintings the wealthy during my century paid out the ass for and donated to a museum after both they and I were long gone. IMG-2205 Ugh, I need to stop. I guess, I can be happy that I finally got my Spacehey to look somewhat how I want it to. And you all have been so nice and supportive, and I already adore this community, so hopefully, whoever is reading this wasn't too bummed out afterwards...

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Happy Belated Bornday by the way 🎂

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Thank you very much friend

by Kathleen; ; Report

✿blush puppy

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27 ain't so bad :-)

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I was just being hella dramatic, I need to chill lol

by Kathleen; ; Report

nooooo need to chill, i totally get it. 27 is the perfect time to be dramatic anyway. afterall, here we are, on a beautiful resurrection of our teenage internet worlds

by ✿blush puppy; ; Report

omg, so true, very valid, Ima add ya,

by Kathleen; ; Report