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About me!!


I'm just a girl who lives in the US.  I am Christian but I would love to be friends with you no matter your beliefs!! :3 I am homeschooled so I don't go to an actual building to do school lmao I kinda just do it on my laptop in my bed- but I also don't really have a consistent schedule for doing school so If I'm randomly not responding I'm probably doing schoolwork or out somewhere because I don't have the mobile app, I only have spacehey on my laptop. I do not play any instruments currently (spring 2024) but I will be learning electric guitar this summer!! (or trying to at least lmao) which I am very excited about ^_^ my favorite season is summer and I'd have to say my top favorite colors are green, blue, purple, brown and pink! (in that order) I'm kinda socially awkward so I prefer if you text first but I still can if I have something I wanna say lol. I enjoy being outside in nature a lot as long as I have somebody to enjoy it with. but yeah I cant really think of anything else,:p


My hobbies are basically drawing, gaming (badly), listening to music, sleeping, eating I hope in the future I'll know how to play guitar and crochet and a ton of other things but I end up being too busy or broke to learn anything new :/ but yeah I don't really do much New Hobbies: Filming, photography, Writing and animating (I also forgot to add like crafting or scrapbooking ig to my original hobbies) 

Ask me about myself!! literally ask me anything and if it makes me uncomfy I'll tell you, but If there's something about me that I didn't think to say and you wanna know just add a comment and I'll answer!! :D I would also love to know more about you so DM me if you wanna talk!! ^_^

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