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Doing this Spacehey forum survey!

(I found it here:


name: Cristian

middle name: Javier

nickname: Cris

gender: Male, though I don't mind being seen as other genders

pronouns: Any

sexuality: -

relationship status: single

age: 14

birthday: 11/02

zodiac: Acuarius (??? I think that's how you write it)

location: South America (won't specify)


hair color: Super dark brown

hair length: short

hair type: Straight

eye color: Black

ethnicity: White


braces?: No

glasses/contacts?: No

piercings?: No

tattoos?: No

unique feature?: Not super unique, but I have those cheek holes that show when you smile

celeb you look like: Idk

favorite feature you have: my hands (?)


color: Does grey count as a color actually? (+ blues and purples)

hobby: Drawing

videogame: Len'en games and Roblox

tv show: Law & Order

movie: -


band: I don't have a favorite band. If it sounds good then that's enough

music genre: Whatever Frums does

animal: Moths

food: Most food that has fish in it

drink: Juice

day of the week: Friday

season: Fall/Winter

holiday: -

flower: idk

shoes: -

car: -

place: Calm streets that aren't super crowded

weather: Cloudy

school subject: Cience and Drama

Do you...

smoke: No

drink: No

sing: No

dance: No

play an instrument: No

play a sport: No, but I'd like to get into football

collect anything: Yes (rocks ocasionaly)

speak another language: Yes (english)

want to go to college: Yes

want to get married: Maybe

want kids: Idk

believe in soulmates: No?

regret anything: Nup

go to school: Yes

have a job: No

have any siblings: Yes

have any pets: Yes (my beautiful cat <3)

like anyone: Yes (not romantically)

hate anyone: I dislike some people, but I don't outright hate them

Random :b

country you want to visit: Spain-United States

how many cds you own: 0

how many dvds you own: 0 I think

first thought when you wake up: Going to the bathroom

time you go to sleep: 22:20 or 23:30 (21:00 if i'm feeling too sleepy)

something that always makes you happy: Listening to music or going to my dad's house

something you're really good at: I guess drawing

something you're really bad at: Sports and Math TnT

dream job: Medic/Nurse

pet peeve: -

weakness: You, baby 😘

strength: These muscles 💪😎 (←Delusional)

fear: Exposing alone in class

what you want to accomplish this year: Getting better as a person ❤️ (and getting my own bedroom too lol)

interesting fact about you: My house is falling apart

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