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dni + pls interact

so i can talk to anyone! i'm open for dms, but i have a small selection of people i DO NOT want to see and can't stand, i'll list them here, if you're here please don't talk to me, i don't want a bad experience...

This list will be constantly updated over time


homophobics and transphobics, just in general, i can't stand them.

people who flex they don't like a particular band, artist, etc

"edgy" people. please go away.

pedophiles. this is basic knowledge, just STAY TF AWAY FROM ME

football/soccer fans. i have an exception for those who arent toxic, if you aren't toxic it's ok :D

21+ age people, i don't feel confortable with these :(

Just basic dni criteria, don't be weird



any undertale/deltarune fan, please talk to me

gustavo cerati/soda stereo fans, COME TO ME

any argentinian (thats not on my dni list)

tech/computer interested people

just silly people :33

don't worry if you aren't on this list, you can still talk to me :) (except if you are on the dni list)

my discord if u wanna talk to me more clearly is @brem6002, ill accept any friend request! (again, as long as you arent on my dni list)

i am NOT a friend collector, i just friend people who seem cool to me and don't want to went through the process of unfriending people that don't interact with me

thats all bye!!!!!!!! take care :DD

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