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me survey what up!

name: emerson

nickname: E or anything u want

pronouns: him bcuz im himothy

birthday: september 3rd 2007

siblings: 1 ANNOYINg younger brother

job: professional cool guy  yeahhh

how old are you: 16 turning 17 this year

zodiac sign: virgo

what's your middle name?: nahhhhhh


hair color: brown

hair type: uh straight and real short

eye color: like a gray/blue/green idk

height: right uh definitely 6'7 and totally not 5'3....

ethnicity: white... like fr i cant tan im like a vampire sum1 help

look like a celeb: IDK?

dye your hair: i have before but not in a while

have braces: never, Need them tho

wear glasses: nope

wear contacts: hell no i cant poke my fingerz in myEYE

piercings: left eyebrow    its awesome

tattoos: 1 on my right arm but i want mooreee

body type: idk like medium? chubby? not obese but also not skinny at all

do you think you are attractive?: hell no


color: red and blue

video game: skyrim, gta5, high on life

tv show: the walking dead, game of thrones, but like anything on adult swim

movie: how high

animal: cat and wolf

food: dude. tacos.


day of the week: saturday cuz you dont do anything that day

season: winter, fall, summer

band: limp bizkit, p.o.d

holiday: halloween and christmas

book: not even bones

flower: rose


summer or winter: summer....... but i love winter too

cats or dogs: CATS ALWAYSSSZ

pepsi or coke: either i like  dr pepper

ocean or pool: ocean bcuz its deeper ig

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

rock or rap: rock

tv or movie: tv definitely

stars or hearts: stars ig

bracelets or necklaces: bracelets but i dont wear either

gold or silver: gold just looks better

mcdonalds or burger king?: MCDONALDS FOR SUREE

single or group dates?: group dates


favorite eye color: brown or green

favorite hair color: black or brunette

short or long hair: long hair

height: shorter than me

body type: any ig but i perfer skinny girls

does ethnicity matter: nope

piercings: definitely 


are you attracted to someone who does not know it: she definetly knows it

would you like to be someones fantasy: i guess so 


whag what is the last song you sang?: rock yo hips by crimemob

have you ever drank?: yeah

have you ever been drunk?: unfortunately not

have you ever smoked?: everyday, im a pothead

do you sing?: lol no thanks

do you want to go to college?: maybe?

have you ever been in love?: ummmmm i dont think so

do you want to get married?: to the right girl yeah

do you believe in yourself?: idk maybe

do you believe in others?: sure

do you like thunderstorms?: yes i do

do you play an instrument?: NO but if i did itd be drums fs

what country would you like to visit?: finland

how many CDs do you own?: 10 but im getting more

how many DVDs do you own?: over 50 but im definitely getting more

how many tattoos do you have?: 1 :(

how many piercings do you have?: 1 ig

how many things in the past do you regret?: fuckkk a lot of shit

favourite shoes: DC FOR SUREEEE

car: any sports car 

place: my room

cuddles in general?: absolutely 

what are you listening to?: usher...

is it raining?: nope

how many spacehey friends do you have?:   225 !!

are you happy?: yesss

current location: my bedroom

have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: no :(

do you want to: yes.

first thought when you wake up: i gotta piss

when is your bedtime: anytime i get tired

what is your biggest pet peeve: people in general suck

what do you want to be when you grow up: um a world traveler

shoes you wore today: MY DC SHOES

your weakness: idk my insecurities maybe?

your fear: death

goal you would like to achieve this year: make tons of friends

who is your bestest friend?: DEXTER! YK WHO U R

your most cherished memory: shiiiiiit fuck idk cant think of anything rn


what is todays date: 4/10/2024

what time is it: 8:53 PM

who are you thinking of: kubz scouts

do you love someone: idk abt love but i really like this girl

does someone love you: i hope so

are you happy: yes i guess so  lets hope it staysLOL

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This is awesome

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