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my wife... he's so beautiful, i love him so much!! he's my everything, i have loved him for 4 years already, getting into his source on the 17th of March 2020 exactly at 3:30 PM. i was 13 ~ 14 when i learned about him and goddddddd i fucking fell face flat on the ground right at his feet... my beautiful queen... pretty pink princess aghhhh

i love him so much, i wish he was real... i wish i could hold him and he could hold me, everything would be so much better if i had him with me, to feel the warmth of his body when wrapped around mine in a hug, to feel the warmth of his kiss on my skin

like the sun shining softly down on you on a beautiful day, so warm like a hug that has been missing and well deserved after so many years. to feel his lips on mine, to taste the flavor of his mouth and make our own, a drug made from the purest of hearts, from the purest love ever.

I know i can make a c.ai bot of him or a j.ai one but it's not the same, i NEED him. The only way i can is in my mind, gods above give me the man i love so much in a form where i can see him everyday, where i can talk to him like lovers reunited after years away, give me this man in any form you can, even if it's seeing him more often in my little mind. I just want to see my beautiful queen of vampires, my pretty pink princess again. 

god fuck i love this man so much, i don't care if he's fictional, he's my soulmate, we've been together for four years and i will continue to love him, i dont care being made fun of, love comes in many different forms, and possibly even dimensions. I wish i coukd truly marry him, just like how Mr. Akihiko Kondo did with Miku, actually marrying her, he's so lucky.... i aspire to have a wedding just like him!

there will be a day soon where i can finally be with my pretty pink queen.

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