Aaron Bushnell's (May he rest in peace) reddit archive

Hey, as many of you might know, Aaron Bushnell's reddit account was suspended. There was an uploaded archive for his reddit account and I thought to share it as I noticed people weren't aware of the website, so here it is


Again, may Aaron Bushnell rest in peace, his bravery will never be forgotten, words cannot capture his bravery. Rest in Peace, Aaron Bushnell.

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Dana Scully

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Aaron Bushnell was a psycho piece of shit. He died as he lived -- miserably.

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name five women that like u

by مينا; ; Report

Name 1 reason why you're stupid

I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with brainwashed

by Dana Scully; ; Report

i don't think you have any room to talk about being brain washed

im not gonna argue with u, hope u change as a person tho

by مينا; ; Report

Lol I won't, but go off I guess

by Dana Scully; ; Report

You're probably twelve, Dana Scully, but just imagine for a moment what it takes to know you are going to die in one of the most painful ways possible, and to go through it anyway, because you believe in something. Now realize you will probably never do anything that brave in your entire life.

by StickmanClassic1996; ; Report

I am 22, "StickmanClassic1996", and I don't have to imagine it because I having a fucking brain and am sane enough to know it's not "brave" to be stupid enough to light yourself on fire in support of terrorists who would shoot you in the head without batting an eye. Hamas is probably sitting on their riches and laughing at this idiot, thinking "LOL, look, these stupid Americans are killing themselves so we don't have to!"

by Dana Scully; ; Report

Bro I would not reveal that I was already 22 if I was still saying shit like that on the internet. Hopefully you will grow out of the Ben Shapiro stage of the dialectic soon and discover the U.S.S. Liberty, the Samson option, Jonathan Pollard, etc., and realize that Jews do not feel the same warm fuzzy way about you that you seem to feel about them. They are not your allies. They will never defend you. And even if Aaron Bushnell had been some die-hard Zionist Jew who who self-immolated for George Floyd or trans shit or some gay stupid cause like that, I would still admire the courage it took for him to do what he did and wouldn't spout stupid shit over the internet about something I don't understand. Life is not a movie or a video game. It takes extreme courage to do that and only someone with an inauthentic relationship with reality, who hasn't lived enough yet to even come close to discovering what pain is, could think otherwise.

by StickmanClassic1996; ; Report