How am I supposed to respect trans people if you dont respect me?

So I was talking to what I thought was a woman, and we were having a really good conversation, like there was a huge chemistry between us that you get from having someone as a really good friend kind of chemistry.

Then i find out this person is a “he/him” and I was confused like. Cause they’re not exactly feminine entirely. They have masculine features too.

So I confirmed it as I said “oh i didnt know you were a man you look a lot like a woman!” And she said fair enough right

So i was like “oh were you born a man?” Cause i was genuinely curious cause i genuinely didnt know if they were a man legitimately or not. Like they were very androgynous.

Keep in mind we’re talking for like a good couple days straight, up to this point.

So they confirm they weren’t born a man. And im like “oooooh ok.”

So i explain my confusion I was like “oh well you could pass as woman, cause you are beautiful like a woman.” Like trying to be nice in explaining my confusion, cause i inherently think woman are just more beautiful than men aesthetically on a regular basis. I dont even mean that in a sexually attractive way either, i mean genuinely, I just think woman are more beautiful and men tend to be more ugly. 😂 

And she goes “well you look like a fucking little faggot 😂” and im like “woooah wtf” 

And then she BLOCKS me. 

So not only does she use an offensively termed slur against gay people, she fucking blocks me immediately. Like, not saying even saying that i crossed a boundary in a healthy way, just slur, hard block.

Like wow.

Keep in mind, im bisexual (though it’s probably closer to pan? I’m attracted to good looking people 😂) so being called a “faggot” for my appearance is extremely offensive. For saying something nice!!

Like how am I supposed to respect this fucking movement if there isn’t any healthy way of communication. How am I supposed to respect people in a movement if they immediately go into heartless attack mode over what is essentially a compliment.

I have seen this time and time again with identity based movements in general. People getting upset about “micro-aggressions” which they have said could be as simple as noticing someone’s hair is different and saying you like it and want to “touch it.”

How am I supposed to respect you if you hate me for talking to you. 

I am so sick of this extreme hatred in these movements. Like i have literally marched for BLM in 2015 and protested for gay marriage in 2011. 

These movements have turned into extreme ideologies of anger, and it is so fucking sad to see. You are literally alienating and hating people that laid the foundation for you and have fought for you. Like I no longer want to be anywhere associated with either of the people in these movements. It’s so fucking disgusting, its etiquette lacks basic human decency. You are not better than anyone for your identity. Go fuck yourself. 

So fucking pathetic. 

If you are offended by this, please fuck off and get off the internet. The internet has ruined your fucking brain. 

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☆ luca ☆

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hey! im so osrry this happened it sucks :( but not all trans ppl are like this! most trans people are normal and understand if you dont get it or if you dont understand something! but this is like saying "oh a man called me __ and therefore i dont respect any men", it's very generalisign

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some people are so brainwashed and say "they dont understand us" then when somebody like you comes along who is genuinely interested, trying to understand it gets called a slur and blocked. people like that are weird, i hope you can find the good side of the community!

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It’s just TikTok instagram gen z all these movements were cool 10 years ago cause people were cool. Now everything is like a diagnosis cause TikTokers put out like blatantly false information so people could self diagnose themselves. Now like, you’re “traumatic” or “unhealthy” or “inappropriate” like culture is so courtroom, and bureaucratic, people put a label on you and file you away with the rest of people they put down so they can lift themselves up in this idolatrous dream of becoming a celebrity in this new version of the American dream. People are sooo conceded with 20k followers when before social media really took off, people were…friends, who hung out. Who partied. If you were popular it’s cause you were charming, cool, the life of the party. Now you’re popular for biting trends and dressing a certain way literally posing…posing for photos. xD posers were not regarded as cool 10 years ago. Now it’s like a staple of culture. If you do anything “cancelable” like…interact with someone? You are nothing but fodder for the post celebrity world we live in. Go become a truck driver…and start a TikTok about it. 👍

by Sean † Christ; ; Report

The counter culture to labeling people have now become the labelers. Being emo or into rap meant you were open minded. Now all it means is you’re a close minded hateful, mini wannabe celebrity biter xD not for you guys though, I trust 100% people on spacehey. Yips guys are all legit cause youre emo because you’re like, trying to find yourself and be yourself, you’re not doing it to gain 100k followers on TikTok or instagram.

by Sean † Christ; ; Report

truth! i recently deleted a majority of the social media i had and the next day, i got stuff done and felt better mentally. It's honestly sad how many people rot away on tiktok or instagram shorts. can't stand tiktok alternative people, seriously the most braindead kids ever and now it's cool to be alternative again? the same people who hated on these goth and emo kids are now becoming them!? seriously confusing stuff. I don't even like labeling myself as a metalhead or alt because of the tiktok rep, NO i don't listen to MCR or hate my life! People like me were meant to be the chill open minded guys now it's just a bunch of 14 year old hardcore leftist who if you accidently called them the wrong pronouns they would have a mental breakdown. I totally get what you're saying, it's poserville.

by ikeeya; ; Report

Yes dude, like that shit even matters? Lol no what matters is just being cool and chill to be around and enjoying the moment. I’m not even saying you shouldn’t pursue being famous, I’m just saying that you should atleast be talented, interesting, bring something to the table when you do, and have a reason to actually being famous…that’s what I think a lot of these neo social media micro “celebrities” don’t get. Like actual famous and talented people aren’t even on social media anymore cause of how toxic it is for the most part. Like Emma stone for example. That right there should tell you all there is to know.

You absolutely nailed everything else though brother. I hope we can revitalize the scene of genuine and cool people, I think the world is begging for it. Our subcultures are too lauded with pompous callousness and that needs to change. 🫂🦋

by Sean † Christ; ; Report

right dude, so many worried about being famous on the internet but then wont do anything for their local community or havent got their life together at all! im a total YOLO type person so it sucks to see so many people who waste their life worrying about little things instead of seeing the bigger picture!

I also hope we can breath life into their dead corspe of a scene, even with new bands etc. we need somebody to lead the way and the only person who does that right now, seems like Johnnie Guilbert which isnt a bad thing but their 12 year old fans are horrible. I wont act like i didnt fanboy over my favourite youtubers when i was young but damn, it's like a freaking cult!

by ikeeya; ; Report


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as a transsexual myself, I completely 100% agree with you. you were just asking a question,, I don't see whats wrong with literally anything you said/did. some people just are assholes for no reason, sorry that happened :/

as a trans person- just want to say we aren't all like that. most aren't, like with any category of people some are jerks and those are the ones that get the most attention.

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I’ve actually met really nice trans people like you, so I don’t want to make this about you guys, like actual people. This is really directed at hyper political idiots who directed this movement, and many others like it, into conceded nihilism, where nothing, not even life can appease you. It’s so arrogant and psychopathic at this point like many other cultures at this time and age, i just want to vomit and get off this crazy ride.
I also want to say I’m glad you’re being you but I hope you’re loving yourself 100% and not hating any part of yourself at all.
I really think it’s so asinine to try and destroy things as simple as normative identity’s as simple as “boy and girl” like we aren’t born that way either. There’s nothing wrong appreciating how you are born either. If by all means we have the technology to turn people 100% into the opposite sex or into anthropomorphic version of an animal (furries) then whatever, but there’s a certain level of reality you just have to accept at some point and pop your bubble and accept that you were born a human male/female. It’s not fair, but you know what else is? Flagrant fantasies that you want people to unwaveringly accept as their reality when it’s not reality. Imagine playing imagination as a child your whole life into adulthood then throwing a tantrum when people don’t play along…that’s all I see from these people.
Accept reality, and from acceptance find love.
That’s all I want people to do.

by Sean † Christ; ; Report

I completely agree.

I accept I was born female, and to a point still look like a girl etc. I don't get angry or offended when people assume I'm a woman or refer to me as one when we meet.

the people who get mad are just looking for problems, they know how they appear and were born and it makes no sense to get upset.

what you wrote about the whole imagining and then getting upset when people don't play along is so true. the world would be a lot more pleasant if people would just realize they have to accept their reality and make do.

it's dumb to get mad at others when they did nothing wrong

by spasmolytic; ; Report

It’s a challenge to be different and be yourself from the norm. But I wish for times when people turned that into something good like Michael Jackson or prince. Two very “effeminate” men and overall very unique and different. It’s a challenge to go against the norm, but it’s not a challenge to love yourself not care what others think! So much good can come out of it. And unfortunately current cultures are just isolating and exiling anyone away from them. Another reason why I exceedingly miss the 90s and 2000s

by Sean † Christ; ; Report

yes exactly

people now just whine about their problems on Instagram and get famous from it and get called 'groundbreaking' and shit when like... they don't even do anything real.

by spasmolytic; ; Report

Haha atleast you see it. That’s why I’m on here you actually get to talk to people instead of being deemed their “fan” cause they have 1500 followers xD

by Sean † Christ; ; Report