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music servey >:3

got this from shen :3

1. what's your favorite band or artist? black veil brides

2. what's your favorite album by your favorite artist? we stitch these wounds

3. is that your favorite album of all time?? mmm no, but it's def like top 5

4. what's your favorite song by your favorite artist? OH GOD UH.. the gunsling or rebel love song?? or in the end or shadows rise AGHHH IDK ITS HARD TO PICK

5. is that your favorite song of all time? no i like too many to have an all time fav

6. what's your favorite genre ? rock, pop punk, just emo/scene stuff mainl

7. do you prefer listening to albums or playlists? playlists, but i LOVEEE listening to CDs

8. do you use spotify, yt music, itunes or something else? spotify, youtube/musi, and CDs

9. name an underrated band and an overrated band!! bears in trees, twenty one pilots (i love them tho im sorry LMAOO)

10. name an underrated album and an overrated album!! im ngl i could name very few albums lolz

11. name an underrated song and an overrated song!! johnny ringo by crown the empire (i love that song so much oh my GOD), uhhh fuckin stressed out by top idk 

12. what's your most guilty pleasure song? pretty little psycho nightcore

13. do you play/want to play any instruments ? i play the glockenspiel at school i fucking love it, i need to get my own omg but theyre expensive.. i have an acoustic guitar and ukulele and want to learn how to play both :3

14. if you were in a band, what would you name it ? i should not be in charge of naming a band, it would be some dumb shit or just an old man name (like herold. i have two things named harold.)

15. what's your favorite band name ? (not your favorite band's name, your favorite name a band has) snow white's poison bite, neutral milk hotel, strawberry switchblade, and um.. this artist who's name i literally cannot type LMAO

16. what band/artist have you been listening to the longest? my chemical romance and fall out boy

17. what's the newest band/artist you started listening to? neutral milk hotel 

18. what's the reason you usually start listening to a new band/artist ? (e.g friends suggest them, a song of theirs trends, etc) used to be from google play music's algorithm or animal jam music videos LMAOOO but now usually just from listening to random playlists and friend recommendations

19. be honest, have you ever started listening to a band because a member of it was hot? uhhh i dont think so, i usually don't know what any of the members look like until i am unhealthily obsessed with the band

20. what's a band/artist you didn't like at first but you like now? snow white's poison bite

21. what's a band/artist you used to like but don't anymore? i wish i could say patd but i still love their older shit, uhh i dont think i have any that i dont like anymore!

22. what band/artist do you think has the coolest aesthetic/style? motionless in white

23. how many concerts have you gone to? 2!!! fall out boy and panic at the disco

24. what's your favorite concert you've gone to? patd purely bc the openers were good and a girl dressed like ryan ross from the i write sins mv said she liked my jacket

25. if you could go to a concert of any band/artist ever, which would you choose? black veil brides, motionless in white, AND IM PISSED I NEVER GOT TO SEE MCR I WANNA SEE THEM LIVE SO BAD !! also wanna see weezer lowkey. and maybe fob again!

26. do you care more about lyrics or sound? sound, i can't even process the lyrics unless im reading them while listening

27. would you listen to a band with a bad singer if every other member was amazing? sound wise? no. as a person? yeah probably idrc that much, as long as theyre not like. suuuuuuper bad yknow. and even then, piracy is a thing!

28. favorite game soundtrack? any of the zelda games, ive never played them but my comp sci teacher plays game music in the bg sometimes and i love when he puts zelda shit on

29. favorite movie soundtrack? i dont watch movies enough to remember a soundtrack from any of them 

30. are you active in the fanbase for any bands/artists? not really anymore

31. do you ever zone out and imagine epic amvs/edits to a song ur listening to ? oh absolutely, who doesnt??

32. have you ever talked about a band/artist so much all your friends started associating anything to do with that band or artist with you? i dont think so

33. what band/artist gets too much hate? weezer. highkey theyre good asf

34. what band/artist doesnt get enough hate? idk, mgk?? i dont like him. and like the cringy "alt" tiktok artists ig idk man

35. do you have any songs so strongly associated with something/someone that you can't think of anything else when you listen to it? i cant listen to dir en grey or the gazette anymore bc of my ex. the rwby soundtrack and a lot of anime shit too. its been like ruined for me bc i associate it with him lolz

36. how many band tees do you own ?(bonus for you emos: how many of them are black ?) 15!! 11 are black (one of the "not black" ones is gray tho LMAO)

37: do you collect vinyls or cds? CDs yes!! i want to start collecting vinyls at some point too

38. do you own any band merch apart from tees, vinyls or cds ? i have some fob mania pins, a patd poster (which im gonna sell, its legit just brendon urie's face), a beebo plus, patd lanyard, posters/postcards/photocards that came w my kpop albums.. i think thats it

39. what's a band/artist that you like that you've never met anyone else who's a fan of it? ive met at least one person or have seen online at least one person who likes every artist i've listened to lmao

40. what are you listening to right now? na na na by mcr

41. whos ur musician celebrity crush? andy biersack and ricky olson theyre so fine man oml

42. do you watch recordings of live performances? usually no, i have for miw tho, and bvb (specifically a clip of jinxx playing the violin)

43. have you ever purposely tried to look like a musician you liked ? (eg dyeing your hair like theirs, copying their style, etv) no but i do want a the same lip and nose rings that andy biersack had LMAO

44. have you ever been compared to any musicians? ed sheeran. bc im a ginger.

45. have you ever had a music related username on any site? yes!! mine rn here is bc of matryoshka by 3racha, my twitter is currently we stitch these wounds/bvb related, and my spam insta is a song off of wstw! 

46. favorite lyrics of all time ? i have to search up lyrics for like every song ever so here's one that i like actually remember lmao

"i never meant to be the one who kept you from the dark, but now i know my wounds are sewn because of who you are" (saviour - bvb)

47. favorite album cover? we stitch these wounds (bvb), vale (bvb), creatures (miw), infinity on high (fob), pretty. odd. (patd)

48. have you ever listened to an album just because the title or album cover looked cool? i actually dont think i have, which is surprising to me lmao

49. favorite song title ? (not title of your favorite song, favorite title a song has) our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued

50. worst song you've ever heard ? like a song that made you want to claw ur eardrums out and hit every nearby speaker with a sledgehammer until they were shattered to the point of being dust every country song in existence, idc who its by. when i say i will listen to anything i mean it. like i legit do not have a song that i viscerally hate, just ones im not very fond of and wouldnt put on myself!!!

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