The One Redpill that will change you.

Mega corporation PC culture has basically sanitized any edge or danger that created the coolness of the 90s and 2000s. They push these really sanitized e celebs that are paid off by them to be the forefront of their platform and deplatform any that are “dangerous” (meaning someone that could lose them money) 

On the flip side, they condone really grass roots movements that are anti government, only to lift up bad faith actors who are, again e celebs who on the surface seem to be “on our side” but are in fact sowing division and dividing the movement in order to destroy them completely. 

We have been calculated completely and have been at war with mega corporations owned by a small Conglomerate namely those in charge of the trilateral commission who also own world governments through a contrived ecomonic system guised as federal institutions such as the federal reserve, which is not actually a federal institution at all.

This was how the grand “money” scheme was created, where this system introduced a dollar that could “repay debts” with nothing backing it, and as a way for governments around the world to corporatize and feed continually off the labor and resources owned by inhabitants of the land.

The dollar used to be based off gold and silver, back when the “government” only dictated law and defense. The government had little control over citizens lives and people created their own livelihood through hard work like mining, or animal husbandry. 

The men behind the trilateral commission, Rockefeller and Rothschild, created the dollar scheme in order to enslave humanity through a dollar that was not backed by anything other than their own connections and secret fraternities. This way they avoided persecution and could effectively control the world. It’s also why the US governments main goal is being the “world police” always sending troops, or weapons, or funds, or “aid” (which usually ends up going to warlords) to countries around the world.

“Well if their aid gets into the hands of known warlords, time and time again, why do it at all?” Because. That is the game. To sow more division, create enemies, and also create heroes, who are funded and controlled by the US government. (Explains current Russia/ukraine conflict.) 

“Why do any of thatt? We’re the good guys, i thought! im scared!” 
Well we do it because the US was the First Nation to have this federal reserve created in it. This dollar that wasn’t backed by anything, and where the government could dictate what it could do with its countries hard earned resources at will. 
It had its first large run in during the 2nd world war, and it went exactly as planned. Creating the EU, creating NATO, creating the UN. It was the first step towards a one world government. 
Do you understand?
Every good charitable act by the US, every funny Hollywood movie, every rock song. Every e-celeb. 
It’s all owned, controlled. Dominated. By the same few people who created the scheme to begin with. “The Illuminati?” Pah. Pitiful. That’s a small group in an even bigger pool controlled by the same few who created the system to begin with. And those few people, once again, own ALL the major business and corporations around the world, under small subsidiaries, in order to wash out the names of who really own them.
Corporatization, the will to conquer all.
It really comes down to greed. All of it. Every little thing.

Everything youre disgusted with was made to break your will ON PURPOSE. And it will never change.

Unless you take control.

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