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haii my name is sidney but you can call me sid:p!! i use he/him and i have adhd im a lot more active on instagram  (insta= stiqexx) 


i do many things like drawing!! mainly my ocs, listening to music , i like a lot of metal like sludge,stoner,black,doom n stuff i also listen to punk mainly crust n shit and a lot other not just metal and punk, i make patches and i do skate and stuff but its been years since ive skated so im dookie xDD!! i like playing games (roblox) but i barely play roblox since its boring asf... i also like fishing 

 more abt me!!

as you can probably tell i get dry with my responses or when talking i just get very idk like less energetic easily, when texting or talking i do tend to forget many things or yk not make eye contact because it makes me so nervous i just want to rip my hair out, i might say things that make me sound mean but trust i am not mean i dislike being mean to people and it freaks me out unless your unreasonably rude but if your doing it in a playing way im fine with that, i do use emojis when texting and i use some that arent even like its original purpose because its fun, now for the fun stuff, i like the color green black and red, i love postal (its obvious) i like napping , i buy random things i dont need or use, im scared of heights and the dark (still) and more but i dont want to write more even though this is the whole point lmao but whoever read this thankz! 

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