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BYF + DNI !!

byf : i sometimes forget to respond to texts for a                                                                  while , sometimes i yell in texts , i use tone-tagswith certain people, please ask b4 venting ,i can be overly affectionate at times, pls don'tthink it's smthn romantic , i have a habit of rantingabt random things (or my interests) , i sometimes
self isolate whenever im emotionally exhausted
 , i often take
things in the literal way - meaning i'm a lil slow tounderstand some things but pls be patient w/ me ,i am very sensitive, but if i do something wrongPLEASE tell me right away, i want to workon being a better person day by day.i sometimes make fun of things in a jokingmanner , i make kms/kys jokes a lottt..                                                                                                                                                                                                                          dni :basic crit. , fujo/fudanshis , pro/com-shippers , hates on the majority of my interests , if youveever had any problems with my friends , dsmp supporters, etc !

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