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I don't really know how to run my blog or how this website works, I really don't know. But here I am, here again to write.

Today, I want to talk, no, I want to talk a little about the recurring things lately. I want to start with things that have already started to become "basic", which is judging people. I hate this, people simply judge others for such trivial reasons, they judge them by the way they dress or speak, by the music they listen to, they judge them by simply being who they are. And I hate this "judgment culture" because it's starting to become normal, when in fact, it never should have been.

Another thing, people "crucify" you for anything, like cancellation, nowadays everything becomes a reason for hate and unnecessary fights, and I don't say that as if I didn't want things like racism or homophobia to be treated as just jokes, It's exactly the opposite!! When we turn situations with minimal weight into a huge avalanche in the name of a certain cause, we are only putting that cause down, by spending our time on things that are not so important.

People nowadays don't even like to socialize and really make friends anymore, they are just looking for the feelings that moments with these people bring to them, but they don't care about people at all, there is no way to have a true friendship today Nowadays, this is becoming increasingly difficult, I can't even socialize, imagine having good friends lol.

But in the end I'm always a shitty teenager looking for something better for this fucked up life I lead.

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I hate judgement culture as well. It was especially such a switch up for me cus 2020 was so accepting (atleast where I was at on tiktok), and now it’s wtf y does everyone just scream like whiny babies to make fun(????) of someone. It’s not even funny. I had someone call one of my cosplay wigs a used toothbrush and I was like hey thats actually rly funny (AND IT WAS TRUE). Everyone is so insanely judgemental for no reason. I don’t get this mindset of needing to be a b. I am completely on board w u here.

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