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_ DNI _

Homophobes. (I have a bunch of LGBTQ+ friends so fuck off)

Transphobes. (why are you even here? get out.)


Anyone who jokes about WW2.

DSMP stans/fans.

Homestuck stans/fans.

South park stans.

Danganronpa stans. (idc if i spelt it wrong either)

Anyone who makes 9 11 jokes.

_ BYF _

I like to call people dear (if you're uncomfortable please tell me I can't read your mind.)

I make a bunch of fatherless and motherless jokes. (it's a coping mechanism due to personal issues.)

I like to ramble about Cody, Rex, Fox a lot so your gonna hear it a lot from me if we chat.

I complain about lots of things.

I can be rather stupid at times but I'm very logical in arguments.

I have a few mental illnesses that affect how I act and respond to things so I deeply apologize.

I have vocal stims sometimes where I'll say random shit out of no where with no context.

I'm a very judge mental person it slips sometimes and I insult my friends out of no where. (it's a joke though I don't ever mean it.)

I can be rather dry at times but it's normal so don't take it personally.

I cosplay sometimes but that shouldn't affect how you view me since I'm still a human being.

I really like old music from the 80's-90's so don't judge me if you hear any old school music if we ever end up in VC.

I might add more later or if you have questions, ask away.

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