A Journey of Growth and Gratitude: Our Valedictory Address from 2006


Join us as we explore on a heartfelt journey through our high school experience. San Antonio National High School has been our home for the past four years, molding us from children into the young ladies and gentlemen we are today. In this valedictory address, delivered by our esteemed valedictorian during our high school graduation in 2006, we extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to those who have played a significant role in our journey. We reflect on the challenges, triumphs, and cherished memories that have shaped us and celebrate the collective achievements of our graduating class. Let us reminisce on the transformative power of education and the bonds that have formed within the walls of our beloved alma mater.

Valedictory Address

San Antonio National High School has been our home for the past four years. She has brought us up from being children into the young ladies and gentlemen we are today.

First of all, we want to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to Governor Leo Ocampos, City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, ex Barangay Captain Deborah Tan, Barangay Captain Danilo Batchar, Barangay Council for their help and to the late Mr. Luansing and family for their kind heart to purchase the lot for the school site in a low price and to all who helped in the planning for this school.

To the principal of this institution, who is ever active and determined, GraduationMrs. Jovita B. Saquin, Mr. Pat Rara TIC Labo NHS - San Antonio Annex B, Mrs. Lilibeth Abamonga our TIC. To our TIC, dear faculty members, parents, guests and to my fellow graduates, good afternoon! We made it!

It is of great honor and privilege to be standing here in front of you all and teling you our story. It was year 2002 when we started our freshmen years in this school. The feeling of success still runs fresh in our memories. Graduation means more than just getting that piece of rolled paper from our school head. It is more on feeling the attainment of success after years of hard work.

We came from different schools and gathered at San Antonio. We were like water from different streams meeting at the same big river. Through our four years in high school, we've encountered many challenges, obstacles and problems. Those ups and downs of high school life formed new bonds and strengthened old men. They were the main ingredients that made us who we are in front of you now.

Now we've reached the river mouth. We've completed our journey through the river. This is it, my dear classmates and friends. It's time to part ways and we wish each other luck to whatever path he/she will take. Soon we will be in our own with new friends, new school and a new life, but remember this, we all came from one big river Labo National High School - San Antonio, Labo Annex – B. Remember the four years that we've flowed together downriver to this day. I'm glad in the time given to us; we became friends and made memories that cannot be erased. Wherever each of us will go, the memories we share will make us connected to one another.

During our grade school days, everybody tells us that high school is the best stage of our lives. Indeed, they were correct and have proven it right. This is the stage wherein there is a radical change within us. From being ordinary students, some stand out to be great leaders. From being boys and girls, you'll learn how it is to ladies and gentleman. Teenage life will make you want more freedom and independence, free from the shadows of adults and your parents. You'll be choosing between what you want and what you have to do. And yes, we have experienced these things.

Now is the time to move on, face more obstacles and meet more new people. We should aim high; we should be encouraged to utilize our God given talents and privileges as we take our steps into the real world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are very much responsible of bringing us here.

To our parents who brought us to this world and have not left us alone these years. They have been with us every step of the way. And now when we are, yet again, on another stepping stone to a new stage of our lives, they are here to witness and experience this memorable event with us.

To our mentors who have taught us more than just the lessons from the books but the lessons of life as well. They have given us a peck at the real world and how to live in it.

To our friends who have been there by our side like a shadow. They have never left our side even in the most difficult times. In the time given to us, we formed a bond which for my part, will always be attended by me, and most importantly to our Lord Almighty for guiding us that we may pass the right path. Thank you for helping us become better persons than what we were yesterday. Every single day meant something and we every victory we achieved made us realize that nothing is gained by merely waiting for it. Work for it and ask God's guidance. Nobody can give it to you.i

Wth hardwork, determination, diligence and prayers, we will succeed in our endeavour. After this day, Our path will separate. To my fellow graduates, let us stick to the values, our mentors taught us and we will not get lost. Thank you and good afternoon!

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