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reflecting on the week ★ feb 26 -> mar 3

i worked on a pin monday (feb 26), nothing much though, just gave it a white backing. after that i made a pin design of another friend’s character, something felt a little off about it but i couldn’t put my finger on what, maybe i will another time.

decided i’d try to seal one of the pins i made on tuesday (feb 27), i grabbed the one that had been sitting there for long enough and went outside to spray it with the sealer. it smelled a lot worse than i thought it would and it even stunk up my sweater, so i had to leave it outside along with the pin and went back inside to wait for it to be ready. while i was waiting my mom had me help with pushing a mattress out the basement and when we finished the pin was ready to be handled! unfortunately it still smelled so i put it in the garage, hopefully the smell eventually subsides and i can finally take it out. my mom gave me a mask that would block out the odor, so i’ll use that next time i spray something with the sealer.

had an appointment on wednesday (feb 28) to renew my prescription and it took way longer than it should’ve, especially the check-in process, it felt like forever. once we were out of there we got some groceries and i got a hole punch before we went home. an artist i listen to released a new album and i listened to it, some bits were overwhelming, but i liked it overall. later in the day i worked on my animation and managed to get all the rough animation done for the last bit!

saw a post on thursday (feb 29) looking for help on a project, said to dm them with examples if you wanted to help, so i did, i wrote out a short message saying i’d like to help on their project, attached a couple examples, and hoped for the best.

started playing chibi-robo! friday (mar 1), it was pretty nice to play, just cleaning up the garbage around the place and interacting with the toys. i really like the sounds in the game too, especially the sound of chibi walking and cleaning! later on i saw some people i knew gathered up and joined them, we put some puzzles together, and some other things, it was pretty fun.

i had a package arrive saturday (mar 2), it was early, it said it was going to arrive on monday, but hey i’m not complaining. the notebook in it was really nice and i really enjoyed the different types of pages throughout as well as the other stuff that came with it, not sure what i’m going to use it for just yet but i’m sure i’ll figure it out! i went out for dinner with family that night, it was good. i played more chibi-robo! and made pretty good progress, i got a lot of tasks done and got a frog suit out of it! i worked a little bit on my animation too, i wish i could’ve done more, but my eyes got too strained to focus anymore. i don’t know why that happened, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

animated a little more on sunday (mar 3). also tried playing pop’n music, i had tried to get into it before but was intimidated by the amount of entries in the series. took some time to get used the controls but it was pretty fun even if i wasn’t very good at it.

decent week overall i think, not super eventful, but not uneventful either.

i hope that next week i can do more work on my projects, maybe even finish one too.

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