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A few more Minecraft builds from my 9 year old survival world

Screenshot-20240226-221616 Some giant builds Screenshot-20240226-221552 Custom mesa biome Screenshot-20240226-221538
Giant desert temple Screenshot-20240226-221525
My silliest project Screenshot-20240226-221433
Evil fortress Screenshot-20240226-221402
Glazed terracotta custom mushrooms Screenshot-20240226-221337
Valentine's day wither Screenshot-20240226-221243
Turtle house Screenshot-20240226-221205
My pride and joy, the creeper of liberty!!! Screenshot-20240226-221149
Creeper in an old style boat Screenshot-20240226-221131
Beach And slime ship, this was an ugly boat I built in 2015 that I hated so I updated it to make it funny instead Screenshot-20240226-221123
Giant salmon destroying the end of the road Screenshot-20240226-221021
Jacaranda biome Screenshot-20240226-221004
Enchanted / mystic savanna biome

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i really like the 5th one!! that one is super cute ^_^ maybe next time you can make a collage of animals lol

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What do you mean by collage ?

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