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are people these days more gullible?

I just wanna know what people think about this...

I talk with a lot of people who are about 14-17 (mainly cus I had them as friends for years, and my adult friends have jobs while I'm getting a GED) and I find most of them, if I accidentally don't use a tone indicator to indicate I'm joking, they immediately believe my statement...

It can even be something as obvious as saying "I'm homophobic," in which I'm not, but it's like people rely a lot more on tone tags than knowledge on said person.

No offense to people who NEED tone tags, as they've personally helped me in conversations and I use them willingly for a reason. But the moment I feel there's no need to use it, my friends act like I was serious.

I tend to have a lot of dark humor too, lots of death jokes. The moment I don't put /j on something, they immediately think it's real.

Even my brother, who's two years younger than me, gets fooled by me. I told him one time "Chris Chan is here" (I love Christory, but I hate him as a person), no tone tag, and he asked me "/srs or /j?"

I'm not sure if it's just how people are now, or if I just coincidentally have met a bunch of gullible people-- I would like to assume it's the age range, but back when I was 14 (tone tags weren't used, in fact I didn't even know about them back then), I was a lot more stubborn and actually Google'd what I didn't understand (that, or I asked.)

But I understand I am "built different" and my autism affects my understanding of peers. I rely on a lot of personal experience.

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No, I understand. Mist people now our days are so sensitive and gullible about anything. I have and est humour and dark humour so I get it but what do you mean by you hang out with 14 to 17 year olds and not adult friends, like it’s kinda embarrassing you don’t have friends of your age don’t you think? But I’m saying that I’m 17 right? If an adult wants to chat with me and be friends I immediately take it as grooming so maybe that’s why they take it so seriously.

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I feel like more ppl r gullible now bc of the lack of actual education and social interaction for a lot of kids during the pandemic and quarantine. I’m currently in a grade where most kids are 1000 and one percent illiterate. No comprehension skills, no writing skills, and most words made for a 3rd grade level seem like Mount Everest to them.
In short, a lack of media literacy and comprehension skills have doomed our generation to stupidity
Anyways, great blog

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Hm! Interesting.
I know the pandemic fucked up a LOT of socialization for children (and even adults,) everyone just gets kinda awkward about everything...
Too bad it's probably gonna be like this for a few more years... If we ever get past this and become more social within our community. Nobody really makes an effort these days, even thinking about a job interview is a literal nightmare to some kids just because of the socialization part...

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