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Well, seeing as how I'm online here now I might as well at least make a introductory post to start things off. I don't know if anyone will see this out there and perhaps give it the time of day. But if anything it's worth a bit of a shot. There's no harm in at least giving these things a try once or twice. So, without further ado, I might as well get straight to the point and introduce myself. At least then you mysterious souls out there might know a little about me. 

Greetings and good tidings to you all, my name is Abyss, Abyssal or AbyssalAutomaton for the full alias if you'd rather use that. I'm just a quiet and introverted female from England who also has autism and generalised anxiety disorder. I can't really say I go out much but then again, isolation is the story of my life. I'm used to being alone and just a bit more closed off in most aspects. Yet, starting a blog like this is making me rather an open book ironically. It's nice to meet you, whomever should be reading this. 

I hope my profile in time can suffice as even a mere curiosity to anyone who happens to discover it. Mostly my desire for starting it comes from wanting to share my thoughts, musings, ideas and a whole lot more. I find I'm passionate about a great deal of things and perhaps if there's anyone out there with the same interests, they can find a bit of comfort in my work. Maybe there's a way I can bring solace to someone if they can relate to my thoughts and feelings, though time and space work in mysterious ways. Perhaps the deserts of existence will bring these words as whispers on the wind to someone and make them feel better. But that remains to be seen. I'm not getting my hopes up on idealistic fantasies of anyone seeing this anytime soon.

Maybe I sound a bit cynical there, apologies. But I think it's better to at least be honest to one's self about how they are really feeling. This is me saying that I'm becoming a bit of a realist with near non-existent expectations. I'm just myself, what you see before you is all you're really going to get. And you know what? I can say I'm content with that fact. I don't want to live a life where I'm lying to myself and being ingenuine about the kind of person I am. 

But if you're willing to accept me for who I am then I will welcome you with open arms. Feel free to scour your eyes over the words in my blog anytime. Perhaps it'll actually prove useful or something overall. 

For now however, I bid you a good day wherever you may be and that you are successful with all your future pursuits. Look forward to more.

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