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surveyyy : 3


name:: salem
how old?:: 14
my birthday:: aug 24
where am I from:: the US
where am I living now:: ... the US
what year am I in in school:: 9th 


hair color:: brunette, have only dyed tips before
eye color:: light blue
face shape:: round-ish? no idea ggghfhg
body type:: healthy skinny but i can see my ribcage- DON'T WORRY IM EATING
piercings:: used to but just the ears, now i have none
tattoos:: narrr but i will probably just get a simple star tattoo on my hand in the future lmao
style:: grunge, forestpunk & indie


color:: xanadu
animal:: cat
actor:: narr
actress:: narr
artist:: jhariah
Band:: uhhhhh idk
song:: PIN-EYE by Jhariah
lyric:: "Oh why do I beg my legs to take me; much farther than they were meant to?" (PIN-EYE, Jhariah)
quote:: "We are as much a part of the wolf as the wolf is part of us."
food:: chicken legs
meal:: fish & chips (kiss me im irish😍😍😍 /j)
soft drink:: pepsi
chocolate:: milk chocolateeeee
candy:: smarties, nerds or laffy taffy
place:: errrrrr trampoline parks because im childish : 3
childhood memory:: eating sand & glue on my school playground 
recent memory:: my mom BAWLING her eyes out to a wish song 💀
ice cream flavor:: cookie dough
TV show:: island of the sea wolves
Movie:: wolfwalkers
Book:: warriors
girls name:: more neutral buuut aafje ig? idkkk man
boys name:: hunter
youtuber:: clawed_beauty101
website:: this one : 3
celebrity:: none lol
word:: idkkkk
sport to play:: quadrobics
sport to watch:: quadrobics
music genre:: breakcore/hyperpop


single/taken:: taken


sexuality:: demisexual😍😍😍
a secret:: i literally have nooo idea what my religious status is
a strange fact:: I'm a therian
any addictions:: none tf

Have you ever

drank:: no
been drunk:: no
done drugs:: no
been high:: no
been in love:: i am😍
been kissed:: on the lips yeah but no tongues
been on a date:: yaarr
rejected someone:: naarrrr
been rejected:: on accident cause the 
Failed a class:: yes because of covid💔
Failed a year:: no
Been suspended:: no
Been expelled:: no
snuck out:: no???
stolen something:: on accident
got stage fright:: yeo
thrown up:: yeaa
Thrown up on someone:: narrrr???
been to a concert:: for me, no, but soon. for anyone else, way too many times
Met someone famous:: i mean i went to church with george w bush when i was little so sort of??
been to a fair:: nope
been to a carnival:: no
been to a circus:: narrr
been on a ship:: naarr
been on a train:: yessss
driven a car:: i dont even have a license😭
crashed a car:: dont have a license
Been in an accident:: noppeee
Had a near death experience:: naarrr
been to a festival:: naarrr
had an obsession:: Kinda??? Hyperfixations and special interests are cuz im autistic so does it count???
If so with what:: 
baked a cake:: yes
Been happy:: yes
Been depressed:: yes
Been in hospital:: not for me
Had a serious illness:: had covid but narrr not really
Painted:: yeah
sold something:: yes
run a marathon:: noopee
helped a charity:: yarrr
bought someone flowers:: yessss
been bought flowers:: yeah
cried in front of someone:: yeaahh
Danced in front of someone:: ive been forced
performed on stage:: of course


separated parents?:: yes, mom is remarried
siblings?:: six (including me)
how old:: 15 (older/st sister), 14 (mee), 13 (younger step brother), 12 (younger bio brother), 4 (oldest of younger sisters) and 2(youngest of younger sisters)
do you get along:: only with 15 and 4, sometimes with 12 and almost never with 13 and 2
are you adopted:: no
do you wish you were adopted:: by my bio dad? absolutely. by my bio mom and/or step dad? absolutely not
do you like your home:: noo
do you want to leave:: kind off
to where:: live with my bio dad

 Buying things

favorite clothing shop:: hot topic
do you wear makeup:: rarely
how much:: a lot 😭
makeup shop:: naarrr
favorite fast food place:: FREDDYYSS!!!!


did u like this quiz?:: yes
quiz rating:: 8.9/10
are you having a good day:: sorta

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