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IC talk: music

For a while, I wondered if Henry could listen to the music I play through my headphones- sure enough, I JUST GOT my answer. Yes, he can.

Apparently he really likes slowed down early 1900's music, which fair, I can't blame him, I listen to that often- I wonder if he just likes it because I do, or maybe he's distinct enough to have his own music taste. I'm still learning how distinct he is from me. This might be a strange concept, but I wonder if he can grow distinct enough to become his own entity.

That'd be cool, but that's just me overthinking things. I hope. I overthink a lot, especially when I'm writing blogs. Maybe blogging was a bad idea- though I've met a couple of people interested in my views, so maybe it's not all too bad? Maybe "overthinking" just makes me a brighter and more aware person.

I don't know, I just think that's very interesting. I love thinking.

Also, just want to add that Henry's the only "imaginary friend" I have right now, though he's mentioned there being others... Maybe they're tied to other objects around the house, or maybe they're too shy to reveal themselves.

(right after i wrote that, i got a chill- I only get these kinds of chills whenever I'm working with my tarot cards or Henry's interacting with me, but it's not him...wuh oh)

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