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Some builds in my ten year old Minecraft world

Screenshot-20240226-220141 Heart shaped hot air balloon Screenshot-20240226-220152 Lake of Avalon Screenshot-20240226-220208 Rocket ship Screenshot-20240226-220230 The great pyramid Screenshot-20240226-220329 Fairy gazebo Screenshot-20240226-220355 Bee farm Screenshot-20240226-220427 Fake jungle Screenshot-20240226-220538 Sweet berry farm Screenshot-20240226-220606 Beacon monument Screenshot-20240226-223650 Dark pyramid Screenshot-20240226-223324
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Dune sandworm Screenshot-20240226-223307
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Bee on azalea block Screenshot-20240226-223258
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Flintstones village If you want to see more builds let me know and I'll make a part 2 !!!

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As a bee lover I absolutely love your giant bee!!

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Thanks ! I love the Minecraft bee design , it's so adorable

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