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Hidden Gems in Pressing: Bonus and Hidden Tracks

I'm going to be real, I could probably make several blog posts about music alone. From the piracy scene, to instrumentals. Let's start with Bonus Tracks, a pretty good place to start for those who might not know.
I've already attempted this once, let's do it now that the blog editor has improved since my last try.

Bonus tracks are like, getting extra things in the mail. It was thrown in for free, might as well enjoy it, right? You just got extra for free, who wouldn't be happy?! Free music!
Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, so that's an oversimplification. Sometimes you have to buy an album a certain way to get the extra music. It's weird, and sometimes it's dumb.
Just to clear the air, we're also counting Hidden Tracks (which I accidently mentioned instead of bonus tracks on my Bulletin, oops), which is a similar thing.
Sometimes hidden tracks are also free bonuses. But usually they play after a lot of silence. Like a lot of silence. If you've owned a Nevermind CD (by Nirvana), and you listened to a lot of Something in the Way, I think you know the feeling of randomly being jumpscared by Endless Nameless. Yeah, that's a hidden track, it's usually not listed on the packaging, so it's like a surprise at a birthday party. Also cool.

Let's look at some Hidden Track examples first.

This technically doesn't count, but it also does. If you've used Spotify or whatever, you've probably seen Arto as track 15 (hopefully). On physical versions of Toxicity however, it's actually on the same track as Aerials, and technically you also get MORE of Aerials because of the transition that had to be added. That transition is mostly silence, but there's a bit of extra noise in there, kind of.
This is hard to explain if you've never bought a CD before, so I've linked the CD version above. Listen to how there's some silence before Arto plays, maybe even part of the song you've not heard before. Yeah, that's a hidden track. They're hidden for a reason.
Sorry, too obvious?

Okay, we've looked at hidden tracks. Let's get to the good thing: Bonus tracks.

This is Downer, a bonus track released on re-issues of Nirvana's album "Bleach", as well as deluxe editions and some digital versions. It is a bonus track because you can only find it on those versions of the albums, it's not on all CDs.

Now excuse the cussing, but unlike most Hidden Tracks, THEY ACTUALLY TELL YOU ON THE BACK OF THE FUCKING CD IF YOU HAVE THEM.

Without Bonus Tracks

What it looks like on regular releases.

With Bonus Tracks

No really, it's a giveaway if you have a re-issue or not.

Sorry, just had to make that clear.
Yeah, isn't that nice? You bought an album at a certain time, sometimes you buy it in general, and you get two more tracks. Isn't that convenient? Sometimes it's just easy, and you get it for doing very little.
And then there's the other bonus tracks... Here comes another example.

This is Johnny, a traditional bonus track on Toxicity, but only if you're in Japan. You had to buy the Japanese CD of Toxicity to hear this track, ever. CD Ripping is a thing, but let's ignore that for this post, that can be saved for another day. It's up to you if you decide if it's better than the rest of the songs.

Okay, okay. Let's do one more before you go. Let's talk about streaming. You know... Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music.... Google Play.
Sometimes, you can only get bonus tracks in one place on the internet. Yep, just like how you can only get some songs on CDs, you can only get some songs on one specific part of the internet. Let's try this...

This is Walk the Walk, released on Deuce's debut album "Nine Lives", only on iTunes in Canada and the United States. That obviously didn't stop people from making MP3s of the song, but it's cool to know that if you bought it on iTunes back in the day and you were from the US, you got this... probably obscure-for-the-better gem.

Yeah, that's I have for now. If I kept going, you'd be here forever, and I've been working on this post for like two days straights.

I want to quickly thank rainy for some suggestions, helped out a lot, thanks man.
I'll most definitely be doing something like this again in the future, check your bulletins.
Go in the comments and speak your mind or something.
Thank you.

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I appreciate the shoutout gang, really cool blog

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