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Dni List

Basic Crit ;(Homophobes, Transphobes, Terfs, Zionists, Bigots etc)

TCC ; 4Channers ; Weird Reddit Users

I know DNI lists dont do anythin but this is just in case people actually want to be respectful

If you have a goddamn problem with my list just block me for christs sake

(Fyi: I dont support/like HABIT from emh)

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Agisa🕷 (!!🇬🇹💗)

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Ermm what about racist ppl?

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Theyre basic criteria

by Simon (Inactive); ; Report

You still didn’t put it

by Agisa🕷 (!!🇬🇹💗); ; Report

Are you trying to say im racist or smth

by Simon (Inactive); ; Report

No im saying it looks like you dont care that much

by Agisa🕷 (!!🇬🇹💗); ; Report

I told you theyre basic criteria already

by Simon (Inactive); ; Report

It’s not there
I’m done arguing

by Agisa🕷 (!!🇬🇹💗); ; Report

Youre real petty buddy

by Simon (Inactive); ; Report

there's a website somewhere (i don't have the link) but it has the list of basic dni criteria that most people use including every type of bigot under the sun including racists, that's what kolja meant by it's included in basic dni

by lex/spencer ✰ 🍉; ; Report


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FYI - DNI lists suck.

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by Simon (Inactive); ; Report


by josh; ; Report

Who r u brah

by Derpy; ; Report

ur a tadc fan lil bro ion think u should b talkin bout what sucks n what doesnt

by FluЯtz; ; Report

fyi - tadc sucks

by ☆Sal!!(auto music)☆🍉; ; Report