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Personality quiz with New Questions

Hi im bored so im gonna make a quiz template here you can copy and paste n' fill out yourself, enjoy! Feel free to elaborate as much as you'd like on each question, its more fun that way

1. If you could commit any crime (within reason) without consequence ONE time, what would it be?

2. Favourite feature you have? Could be appearance and/or personality

3. What's something harmless that you have a Strong opinion on?

4. How many bees do you think you could beat in a fight?

5. If you could replicate any one noise perfectly, what would you want it it be?

6. Favourite shape?

7. Who is your anti hero? Someone you look to as an example of who not to be?

8. What is something you are working on right now? (Could be personal, could be a hobby/work)

9. Do you have a favourite poem? If so, paste it here

10. What animal do you exude the energy of? (not what you want to be, what you realistically would be)

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🎙Gala.Blog2000 🎭

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Hola, estoy aburrido, así que voy a hacer una plantilla de cuestionario aquí que puedes copiar, pegar y completar tú mismo, ¡disfrútalo! Siéntete libre de explicar todo lo que quieras en cada pregunta, así es más divertido.

1. Si pudieras cometer cualquier delito (dentro de lo razonable) sin consecuencias UNA vez, ¿cuál sería? .....It's a strange question....

2. ¿Característica favorita que tienes? Podría ser apariencia y/o personalidad. mmm well I'm good at dubbing

3. ¿Qué es algo inofensivo sobre el que tienes una opinión firme? i dont no

4. ¿Cuántas abejas crees que podrías vencer en una pelea? not one, they would bite me

5. Si pudieras replicar cualquier ruido perfectamente, ¿cuál te gustaría que fuera? mmmmm.....electric guitar

6. ¿Forma favorita? of what?....Star

7. ¿Quién es tu antihéroe? ¿Alguien a quien consideras un ejemplo de quién no debe ser?
I'm not going to put his name.....

8. ¿En qué estás trabajando ahora mismo? (Podría ser personal, podría ser un pasatiempo/trabajo)dubbing (well I'm studying it)

9. ¿Tienes un poema favorito? Si es así pégalo aquí no sorry

10. ¿De qué animal exudas energía? (no lo que quieres ser, lo que realmente serías)
I feel like a hyena

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1. i dont know really, maybe robbery?

2. i love how pretty my eyes are

3. using - at the end of a sentence. it makes me so annoyed

4. like 2? as long as i run ill be alright

5. the sound of a fire alarm going off

6. circle!!

7. my stepsister

8. ive been trying to get better at baking :3 i want to make my own muffin recipe

9. nope :(

10. an owl

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lmao i read it is "ive been trying to get better at barking" and i thought, thats unique. I like your answers! :)

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1. i'd steal from major corporate conglomerates' and help support the needy and working class.

2. my slight :3 smile and compassion!

3. the declined state of children's programming.

4. a bajillion, i'm really tough.

5. a guard's whistle, i'm good at whistling and can do a lot of impressions on my own and i try hard with the guard's whistle but they're really hard to replicate convincingly. it'd just be really funny if i could do it someday.

6. the sphere! they're the easiest shape to play with.

7. boogie2988, he encapsulates every one of the 7 deadly sins.

8. an illustration of some victorian era kittens in a guard's van listening to a scary story the guard's telling about a misfortunate signalman, made to look like a still from from a late 70's british cartoon.

9. :^*

10. servals! they and i are sociable and playful amongst friends and extremely aloof.

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i like your answers! Ive never heard of a serval before

by Ippyhaj; ; Report

thanks! they're the big cats with the big ears, their personalities are so endearing to me :).

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Gonna write my own answers here :)

1. I'd wanna be like Robin Hood, steal from the richest person and distribute the wealth

2. I used to hate my nose because of the bump in it but now i love it, and personality I am proud of my sense of morals and justice and that i stick to them without exceptions, i hold my friends to high standards and have been lucky to meet such amazing people as a result.

3. Weird fact about me, I have a fear of spheres? So my strong opinion is that i hate pearls of any kind lol

4. 10 max, after that point i dont think id try anymore

5. Air siren, could help me if i ever got in danger, no way anyone wont hear it

6. Star cause its pretty, or Rhombus cause i like the name

7. My dad, hes not the worst but definately represents parts of me that i want to work on so i dont end up like him

8. Crocheting a birthday gift for my friend, its a shrug, following a tutorial on youtube that ive done before. I hope i have enough wool. I'm gonna post it on here when im done

9. Mrs Darwin by Carol Ann Duffy
"7 April 1852
Went to the Zoo.
I said to Him—
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you."

I think its so funny

10. Talked about this extensively with my brother the other day so thought id add it here. We finally landed on me being an armadillo, both in appearance and personality. I'm kind of shelled up but still open and fun, while being able to retreat to my safe space if need be

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