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abstract concept rambling

not sure if this is an accurate title for something like this, but from my research, i guess by definition, this is an abstract concept???

either way, i sometimes think about how every word (outside of proper names, such as your first name) are concepts- every word and everything you know revolves around that one word.

and it's already been proven that humans (i dont like calling myself human but i understand i am one biologically) don't see everything that exists... we can't see wind, we can't see UV rays. ANIMALS, however, can possibly see UV rays and there's been documentation of them possibly seeing what we dub "ghosts"

however, what if animals just see- other things, like other animals that we don't know exist? what if those things we can't see can still affect us? perhaps they see diseases or- seriously invisible entities that cause murders humans can't even explain.

not that humans arent impressive, all it takes is a single mind and two hands to create something. that simply lead us to creating as much technology as we have right now, and progress is still running.

but, really- other animals can sense things we often dismiss as not being there, but it might truly be there... we just perceive it as non-existent or as a cold breeze against our skin. in fact, perhaps they can see and understand what we dub as CRYPTIDS better than we understand- imagine the things they could possibly see. it might be entirely possible that these critters can see DRAGONS, something that a human would see with a half-lidded eye-

my biggest fear is having something invisible hurt me, i genuinely believe there are invisible creatures out there that i cant see that could easily claw me to death, gorge my eyes out or something, and the cops would pin-point it to a coyote and call it a day. what if those things have taken people who've been missing for years???

and, perhaps the "imaginary friends" we have as children disappear over time because we lose that perception of them. i still feel like my imaginary buddies are still with me, i had them around when i was 9 years old, which is way over the usual time they should be there. i swear i still feel their presence, something i can recognize but cant exactly pin down...

i love talking about this kind of stuff even if it makes me look nuts, i never really meet anyone who's interested in this stuff

i think me talking about it wards people off tbh lmao

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