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Broken Promises

All these years later 

I can't help but wonder 

If I was a friendship 

Based on convenience 

I know we became complicated 

When romantic feelings exploded inside of me 

You moved thirty miles away to you new college apartment 

All I wanted was success for you 

I know you still want that for me too 

I appreciate that in you 

I remember you telling me that we would make it work 

My heart didn't have to worry that I'd lose you 

I feel like that was a promise that you didn't intend to keep 

I never hear from you 

When I think back to your first year

I recall how you only reached out 

When I posted my code for all to see 

You always had curious questions 

Never how are you

I shouldn't have felt like my value in our friendship 

Was that I was a computer science major  

I felt at peace when I left the world of programming

I knew I was free from the hurt of knowing 

That there was only a reason to talk to me 

If our converstion were coding related 

I stopped hearing from you  

I had so much to offer  

I didn't expect you to love me 

I only thought  that I'd feel like you were there 

Instead of forever lost in cyberspace 

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